When will my credit card be charged?

We take the first payment as soon as you sign up with Junkmail, then on the 25th of the month before your next pack is due.

When will I get my undies?

We post (with Australia Post) within the first 24 hours of you signing up, then on the first of the month every four months after that.

Do you offer returns?

Because of the nature of your order and where your undies may have been, we can’t really accept returns. However, if there are any problems at all, just contact info@junkmailundies.com.au and we’ll be more than happy to discuss a refund or a range of different options with you.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Sure, cancel any time. We won’t take it personally.

What if I have enough undies for the month?

If your top drawer is overflowing with Junkmail, just log in to your account and under subscriptions, you'll find a Pause button that will put your subscription on hold for a cycle.

What if I want to change style?

We appreciate that, in life, you may go through a number of style changes. If you decide your original subscription of brief or trunk is not for you and you want to change style, just email info@junkmailundies.com.au and we’ll switch it up.

I'm worried about my security with online purchases.

That’s technically not a question, but not to worry. We use Stripe to act as a gateway so we do not store your credit card information.

Do I get a choice of colour?

Both the briefs and trunks package come with one navy, one grey and one black pair of undies. We select the colours for you in order to eliminate any effort whatsoever on your behalf. We can guarantee our selections work in all surroundings, at all times of day and under any pant.

Do you ship outside Australia?

Not yet, but if you’re overseas and interested in joining Junkmail, please get in touch with us at info@junkmailundies.com.au.

For more information, check our terms and conditions at the bottom of the page.