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Are you a trunks guy or a briefs man?

I want trunks.

Pack includes: 1 Navy, 1 Black & 1 Grey.

Trunk men are said to be the more fun people at a social gathering.
Select the Junkmail Trunks Package and receive 3 comfy pairs of trunks every 4 months.

I want briefs.

Pack includes: 1 Navy, 1 Black & 1 Grey.

Briefs men are more comfortable in their own skin, and regularly perform better at work.
Select the Junkmail Briefs Package and receive 3 fresh pairs of briefs every 4 months.

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The style of underwear you wear says a great deal about you. We certainly won't judge, but we will need to know this to make your package as comfortable as it can be.

Once again, we aren't here to judge. We just want to get the right size of your waist to ensure you are more comfortable under the pants than ever before.

Put the essential details in so we can get the package to you, and that's all we'll ever ask for.

$25 is automatically charged to your credit card every four months - you actually don't have to do anything again.


  • Just a great set of underwear. Not having to shop for them ever again makes life a whole lot easier!

    Tom Liberatore

  • The undies are so amazingly comfortable! My day is actually 28% better when I wear Junkmail undies.

    Hugh Van Cuylenburg

  • My life is better as a whole since joining Junkmail. More time, more money and so much more comfort.

    Al Stewart-Holmes

Our Story

Junkmail undies. Since 2016.

We've all been caught out with them. They might be littered with holes, stretched to complete transparency or held together by a few depressing threads. Your undies say a lot about you, and we want you to look and feel like a king.

At Junkmail, we believe in double-loaded satisfaction. We love the feeling of sliding into a fresh new pair of jocks, and trashing a handful of your most shameful. We're for having a top drawer you can be proud of, and we're for doing next to nothing to achieve it.

Do nothing. Feel amazing. We've got your junk covered.

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